When you get accepted to your dream college, you are filled with excitement. You think about what your future is going to look like and how your college life would be. When you are moving away from college, you need to figure out where you would be staying. It is okay to not want to live in college dorms. Living in Apartments near University of Manitoba can give you the freedom that you have always dreamed about. It is the one step on the ladder of adulthood. We understand that moving into a place of your own is a bag of mixed emotions. Where you are going to stay will have a huge impact on your academic and social life. You must take your time to find the perfect residency. Here are some of the qualities that you should look for in your student housing option.

Fully Furnished Rooms

Carrying furnishings or buying them only for a couple of years while you are in college is an unwanted expense. Hence, you must look for a housing option that will provide you with furnished rooms. The residence provided by The Arc includes a bed, a small kitchen and a study table. You are sorted for the time to come. All you would have to do is bring a chair for a while. When the room is fully furnished you only need to carry the basic amenities.

Amenities offered 

Internet is at the heart of every student’s life. You need it for doing your course work, assignments and projects. The internet should be of fast speed. The housing facility should be able to provide you with the same. Apart from that, you also need the internet for recreational activities like being in touch with your loved ones and streaming your favourite show. Some residences also have smart Tv in each room, so you can watch your favourite shows.


When you are living alone, you need to take care of everything on your own. From buying the groceries to taking care of electricity and water. If it is your first time living alone you might find all of this to be a bit overwhelming. It is always helpful when the building complex has a Superstore. This way you can always go get your favourite snacks or the raw materials to make yourself a comfort meal. It is a must that the residence has on-site Community Assistants. This will help you to be mentally at ease. If anything goes wrong, you can simply reach out to them and they will help you figure things out.


It is a no brainer that the residence should be located near the university campus. We all know the mere thought of travelling to get to class can sometimes be really stressful. College life is also about life outside the campus. Having a bus stop nearby will help you to get by in the city with ease and explore its culture.