The Purpose of Adblue Emulator

A vehicle is a complex structure with various parts and pieces that come together to give you a good mode of transportation. Unless you are a car specialist or technician, you can’t be completely knowledgeable about the various parts of your vehicles.

But, that is what the internet is for. It is completely alright for you to be curious about your vehicle, and we can help you answer your questions. If you have ever come across the term AdBlue eraser, AdBlue Emulator, and so on, and you are wondering what they do— this article just might be for you. Let us take a look at what an AdBlue emulator is and what exactly it does.

About AdBlue Emulators

In simple words, AdBlue Emulators are simple devices that can take control over the Selective Catalytic Reduction System or the SCR, which helps control the exhaust systems of vehicles such as modern trucks, buses, and so on.

In older trucks, instead of SCR, an older system was used called the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst system. As most vehicles in Europe were installed with diesel engines, this system was quite popular.

However, this system had a ceramic core that was coated with palladium, aluminum oxide, and platinum and served as a catalyst for oxidizing remaining carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases. The result of the oxidizing was the formation of water and carbon dioxide.

However, under specific circumstances, the engines used to produce a great emission of Mono-nitrogen dioxide and are considered a notorious pollutant. Seeing how non-eco-friendly the system was, initiatives were taken to introduce the much eco-friendly system— the Selective Catalytic Reduction System.

Purpose and working of AdBlue Emulators

As mentioned earlier, AdBlue Emulators can override the SCR system in a vehicle. There are various types of AdBlue Emulators and are fitted with the right make and model of vehicles available in the market. When the right emulator is fitted with the compatible vehicle, the emulator can take full control of the SCR. By doing so, it can do the following operations:

  • Operates similarly as SCR systems on OBD and CAN level
  • Allows the SCR system to remain inactive while sending the central ECU the necessary data to prevent limp mode
  • Prevent DTC errors on the OBD system
  • Prevent engine power loss
  • Decreases smoke emission from exhaust systems
  • Optimization of NOx sensors and exhaust temperatures
  • Saves funds on diesel exhaust fluids
  • Help drive on the regular engine when the SCR is faulty

So, this is all there is to know about AdBlue Emulators. They are pretty useful devices that operators and drivers are encouraged to add to their vehicles.

However, please note that the legality and permissions for using AdBlue Emulators may vary from country to country. Therefore, do check with your legal authorities before taking any step further. If you wish to refer to anything related to AdBlue Emulators, you are welcome to come back to this article for more information.